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Q1. How is handmade paper made?

We use only paper made from 100 percent recycled materials. The paper is 100 percent cotton rag, waste cotton from a t-shirt factory. Fabric scraps are shredded with a cutting machine and mixed with water until the slurry mixture resembles potato soup in appearance and texture. The slurry is ladled onto a screen with a framed edge so that the paper/water slurry will not spill. The water sinks through the screen mesh, leaving only a cotton sheet. This is hung up to dry and cut to size. Some papers have other fibers pressed in, such as flowers, straw or herbs. The imprint of the screen is clearly visible on the paper.

Q2. Is the paper acid-free?
Yes, it is. This particular paper recipe is over 2000 years old and surviving examples of this kind of paper date from several hundred years ago. It is the same paper that Shakespeare used to record his sonnets, that da Vinci used to write his treatises and that the US Constitution is written on.
Q3. Can I get lined paper in my journal?
Q4. What inks can be used on the paper?
You can use any inks that you would use on "normal" paper. Some of our customers use watercolors on our handmade paper with no problems. Most artists, though, recommend 60 weight paper for that. Ours is the standard 25 weight paper, about the same thickness you find in most copy machine paper.

Service Questions

Q5. How will you ship my journal?
We typically ship by US Postal Service Priority Mail or by UPS Ground Service. We can accommodate special requests if you need it faster. Just let us know.
Q6. Can you ship overseas?
Yes, we can. Shipping times are longer, depending on the country chosen, but we can and do ship worldwide.


Q7. Do you sell your journals in the wholesale market?
Yes, we do. We would be happy to talk to you if you are a retailer or corporate gift honcho.
Q8. Can you do custom designs for leather?
Yes, but it is not cost effective unless a minimum number are purchased -- usually around 50 or so, depending on the design and what you want.

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